The Screening Room:


Rutvig's premier podcast, The Screening Room launched in 2018 and features interviews with a host of talent from the world's of TV, film and comics.  


The show also features commentary tracks for films and the like, sometimes with a guest who's worked on the film in some capacity, sometimes with a co-host, and sometimes solo!  


The Private Signings Podcast:


The Private Signings Podcast is a companion show to the celebrity autograph website, www.privatesignings.org, which features interviews with the guest signers.  Rutvig and co-host Kit Shah talk with the guest about their work, processes and their chosen charity, which is supported with every signing.

Whilst both podcasts are available on your favourite platforms, you can listen to all episodes of The Screening Room and The Private Signings Podcast here.  Simply pick which show to listen to from the drop down menu.