Artist's Biography

Born in 1977, Londoner, Rutvig Vaid graduated from the Kent Institute of Art & Design in Maidstone (now known as The University for the Creative Arts) with an HND in Graphics & Illustration.  He went on to Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia, USA to complete his BFA in Fine Arts before attending the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, on their MFA course.

With his early work influenced somewhat by NYC's abstract expressionist movement of the 50s, in recent years he has turned his focus to portraiture across various mediums. 

What interests him are less so photorealistic representations of his subjects (though capturing likeness is critical to him), but moreso the exploration of the landscape of the human face, with many often beginning to look like topographical surveys of people.  

He has spent the last 7 or so years primarily creating black and white graphite portraits of characters from popular culture franchises from film and television, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones and The Terminator amongst others.  And his work as an portrait artist continues with Topps Company Ltd (the worldwide trading card company) as an official Star Wars Sketchcard Artist and more recently, collaborating with RJF Design/Image to create sketchcards for the 1922 film Nosferatu and the 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead.

In 2010, Vaid started his journey into the world of entertainment.  He joined the Theatre company Aks Arts London after auditioning for and winning the lead role in the short play Ding! (based on David Ive's Sure Thing), which formed part of the company's Winter Cocktail play at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone.  From there, he went on to not only act for the company but write original material (as well as continuing to adapt existing plays).  He has worked as an actor since, from student and indie productions to studio features and television shows.  


He has also produced, written and directed short films under the Cut the Crust Productions banner, with his first major short as Producer, 'Robbed' winning various awards on the Film Festival circuit.